I Can Has Cheezburger?


a video of otters reacting to an earthquake | thumbnail includes a picture of an otter on its hind legs

Otters' Confused And Spooked Reactions To An Earthquake (Video)

A big spook for some confused cuties.
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video of a fox reacting to a human baby | thumbnail includes a picture of a fox sniffing a baby

Fox's Awwdorable Reaction To A Human Baby (Video)

Cute fox + cute baby = cuteness overload.
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otters reacting to meeting a human baby for the first time | thumbnail includes a picture of an otter approaching a baby on the floor

Otters Super Excited By Meeting A Baby For First Time (Video)

Tiny meets tiny <3
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video of a dad cat meeting its newborn babies for the first time | thumbnail includes picture of a cat bumping noses against another cat and kittens

Dad Cat Meets His Newborn Kittens And Gently Kisses Mom Cat (Video)

Most awwdorable family <3
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video of a cat tasting cola for the first time and having a funny reaction to it | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat dipping its paw into a glass and a cat licking its paw

Delinquent Cat Tastes Cola And Has Funny Reaction To It (Video)

Instant regret is instant.
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tumblr thread about two cats' reactions to meeting a baby human thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat sniffing a baby and a cat terrified by a baby 'Font - Pretty soon, though, the baby started crying. Wailing. Roman was utterly terrified by this.'

Tumblr Thread: Cats' Adorable Reactions To Meeting Baby Human

BFFs in the making
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video of a baby stoat meeting another baby stoat for the first time thumbnail includes a picture of a baby stoat with its mouth open

Tiny Baby Stoat Meeting Another Baby Stoat For the First Time (Video)

Two adorable tinies meeting each other.
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ichc share images of their pet's reaction to holiday decorations - thumbnail of two images one of a dog who is confusion and another of a good cat by the xmas tree | Every year set up tree: visible confusion | Dustin is love with Christmas tree. Doesn't hurt Just stares at and cuddles branch.

'I Can Has Cheezburger' Users Reveal Their Pets Reaction To Festive Decorations

Our users are the best
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the eighth entry of meomoirs diary of a cat about the cat's reaction to a pregnant woman and a newborn baby thumbnail includes a picture of a cat near a pregnant woman's belly the name of the entry and a caption from it 'Cat - Meowmoirs: Welcoming the New Baby November 27, 2020 The litter may be small only one tiny human – but it PATHAS looks healthy and strong, and BURGER it's part of my family now.'

Meowmoirs: November 27, 2020 Welcoming the New Baby

A very weird baby human kitten overall...
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cat's reaction to spilled food goes viral on Twitter - thumbnail of cat's reaction to spilled food "just accidentally spilled my cat's food all over the floor and his reaction was.... a lot"

Cat's Reaction To Spilled Food Goes Viral (Twitter Thread)

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perfume fish cats funny reactions animals cat aww cute youtube video wtf mackerel

Cat Owner Makes Fish Extract Perfume And Documents Cats Reaction (Video)

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a funny photo of a kitten sitting on her owners foot and not touching the grass- cover for a list of funny cat and kitten reactions to the outside world

Priceless Indoor Cat Reactions Of Going Outside For The First Time

Their little cat faces are just adorbs
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cats fountain reactions video aww cute adorable lol funny animals drinking youtube

Lazy Vs Curious: Cats Approach Water Fountain (Video)

What will their reactions be
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Best. Day. Ever.

pics of a cat excitedly hugging a toy with each pic zooming in on its face
Via Instagram
photo of a surprised dog

Apparantly All Dogs React The Same To The Sound of a Chip Bag Opening (Tweets)

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facebook roast

12 Of The Best Responses To Our "Caption This" Photo Facebook Challenge

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