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Owners Finding Their Cats In Unexpected Places (Viral Tweets)

There are certain risks that come with allowing your cat to hang around outdoors. You can never know exactly what kind of adventures they get into before they come back home in the evening. You can only wonder about it, curious out of your mind. Except that sometimes, you accidentally find out exactly where they're going, and you find them in the weirdest of all places.

You might find them hanging out at a neighbor's when you bring something over, you might find random pictures of them hanging in restaurants or other people's apartment listings. It's absolutely hilarious. And somehow, it only makes us more curious about where they are at all times. 

tweets about cat owners finding their cats un random places thumbnail includes a picture from an apartment listing of a cat chilling on a bed and one tweet 'Furniture - Michael Hubank ... @generoom The neighbours just put the house up for sale. Couldn't resist checking it out on Zoopla. That's our bloody cat. O 13/14 11:12 AM - Mar 28, 2021 · Twitter Web App 27.8K Retweets 3,714 Quote Tweets 304.5K Likes'
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