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funniest cat tweets from this week | thumbnail includes text saying 'by age 30 you should have 7 Gmail accounts, 4 inactive side twitters, an abandoned fanfiction dot net account, and an Instagram with 2 pictures of your cat'

Supurrb Cat Tweets (February 23, 2022)

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15 animal tweets | thumbnail blue background tweet "Lucy Huber @clhubes ... When youre pregnant with your first kid everyone tells you how hard it will be and how you won't sleep etc etc and that's TRUE but also not a single person tells you one day your toddler will say "good night, love you" individually to every one of his trucks, the cats, and you. 8:45 PM · Jan 27, 2022 · Twitter Web App 5,916 Retweets 757 Quote Tweets 102.7K Likes"

Weekly Treat: Funniest And Overall Best Animal Tweets

Animal Twitter at its peak
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a funny twitter thread about capybaras unleashed | thumbnail includes text saying 'I will pay good money for a capybara'

Capybaras Unleashed In Viral Twitter Thread

So Stinking Cute
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a funny thread about a man walking on all fours to entertain their pet cat | Thumbnail includes text saying 'f chasing my cat around. He says he likes to chase her on all 4 because that way the cat will "Feel like she's playing with a really big cat and that's more fun for her"

Twitter Thread: Man Chases Cat Around On All Fours

Cat Hijinks
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a funny thread about void (dark black animals) | thumbnail includes text saying 'smol void baby'

Twitter Thread: Void Cats And Dogs Just Chilling Out

Void Pets Are The Best
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weekly dose of fresh cat memes | thumbnail includes two cat memes saying 'Someone: Cats heal people. 30 years old me: Got a cat. Cat: Sorry, bro, there is no way I can fix it'  'Hopper approves of our new doormat we got for Christmas. kase Knok JE CATS ARE NAKED'

Halfway To Caturday: Cat Memes And Tweets

Bi-weekly cat memes.
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a compilation of awwdorable cat tweets from this week | thumbnail includes a tweet saying 'me and the loml watching our cat do anything'

This Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (December 31, 2021)

Last one of 2021!
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an awwdorable twitter thread about cats hogging the bed | thumbnail includes a tweet saying 'Permission to nap on my bed-- denied' and 'I can relate'

Cute Cats Deny Hooman Pur-mission To Sit On Bed

Four legged animals only!
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tweets about cat owners finding their cats un random places thumbnail includes a picture from an apartment listing of a cat chilling on a bed and one tweet 'Furniture - Michael Hubank ... @generoom The neighbours just put the house up for sale. Couldn't resist checking it out on Zoopla. That's our bloody cat. O 13/14 11:12 AM - Mar 28, 2021 · Twitter Web App 27.8K Retweets 3,714 Quote Tweets 304.5K Likes'

Owners Finding Their Cats In Unexpected Places (Viral Tweets)

How in the world did you get there????
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