I Can Has Cheezburger?


pictures of dogs and puppies wearing raincoats thumbnail includes two pictures of dogs wearing yellow raincoats walking in the rain

Welcoming The Cold Weather With Adorkable Dogs Wearing Raincoats

No rain shall stop doggo from going on a walk.
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The Crying Game

raincoat bull terrier break up comforting - 6754441984
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A gud weather forecast is essential

raincoat deck raining dachshunds - 6736496384
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Reader Squee: Prepared for the Worst

pet rain raincoat reader squee - 6556349952
By munnit


adorable baby dressed up hat pig piglet rain raincoat - 4603422464
By Unknown


coat do not want dressed up jacket not rain raincoat raining Sad yorkshire terrier - 4542779904
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cars chihuahua costume rain raincoat - 2694192640
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Acting Like Animals: But It's Not Even Raining!!

acting like animals annoyed corgi Hall of Fame instinct maternal puppy raincoat unnecessary - 4708398080
By Unknown

Kitteh said I wuk gud... ...even doh iz not raining oustide.

looking good pug raincoat - 3863762432
By Katlulzforyou