I Can Has Cheezburger?


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These Sailors Spent Their Independence Day Rescuing a Drowning Raccoon

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Raccoon Family Uses Crafty Teamwork to Get Over a Wall

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Yeah They're Thieves, but They Sure Are Cute

raccoons have no shame
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Trash Pandas Need Love Too

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You Know Your Baseball Team Is Garbage When Raccoons Start Showing up for Games

raccoon baseball team garbage
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Poor Raccoons Just Can't Get a Handle on Cotton Candy

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I'm Afraid My Hired-Maid-Service is Overpaid

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By anselmbe
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Newborn Baby Raccoons Are Rescued From an Attic

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Tha hazards of LOLSpeak

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Available on all newer models

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This Raccoon Just Wants a Little Privacy to Take His Shower

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This Raccoon Will Eat Anything You Offer If You'll Just Be His Friend

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Washing Fishies

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This Raccoon Knocks on the Door to Ask for Food

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Here's a Raccoon That Might Help You Clean Up After She's Knocked Over the Trash

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These Raccoons Decide to Test the Water at the Pool

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