I Can Has Cheezburger?


guess what costume each cat is wearing - thumbnail of two cats in costume and you have to guess what those costumes are

Illustrator Creates Fun Cat Costume Guessing Game (Comics)

In collaboration with Ilana Zeffren
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questionnaire to find out just how spoiled your cat is - thumbanil of title "is your cat spoiled?" followed by the first questions | my cat wakes me up middle night s because. 1. she feels like 2. her water bowl is empty door porch is closed, etc. 3. my cat doesn't wake up middle night can get up now slept long enough

Questionnaire: How Spoiled Is Your Cat

In collaboration with Ilana Zeffren
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People Are Having Hard Time Deciding How Many Animals Are In This Picture

quiz Photo animals - 9098175744
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quiz funny animals - 219142

What Does Your Taste In Dogs Say About You?

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There's A Hidden Cat In This Picture...And Many Can't Find It!

Picture of a hidden cat among firewood and trees
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quiz famous playbuzz Cats - 146438

How Well Do You Know Famous Internet Cats?

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quiz names playbuzz animals - 119558

Can You Match The Animal To It's Scientific Name?

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black cats quiz cute Cats - 80902

Quiz: What Do You Know About Black Cats?

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hair quiz cute funny animals - 64518

Quiz: Which Crazy Animal Hairstyle Are You?

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quiz Party playbuzz - 1030

Discover Your Dog's Party Anthem

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Who Wore It Better?: Dogs in Halloween Costumes Edition

halloween costumes halloween quiz playbuzz - 8348937728
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Find Your Terrier Soulmate By Taking This Quiz

quiz terrier - 8310072320
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quiz lolwork bravo Cats Video - 44954113

Can I Has A Cat Quiz?

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