I Can Has Cheezburger?


cringey questions people seriously asked the internet | thumbnail includes text saying 'where can I get a dog egg?' 'What is a safe way to paint my kitten purple' 'Why is it ok for my dog to sniff a woman's crotch but I can't?'

Cringey Questions From Humans Who Have Clearly Never Owned A Pet Before

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an informative quora thread about why cats who just ate act like they're hungry | thumbnail includes text saying 'Why do cat's pretend to be hungry?' and 'They think that they are hungry. Cats are complex. Stress is one reason why cats ask for more food'

Why Do Cats Ask For Food When They Just Ate: Informative Thread

Are they still hungry?
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hamster food cheeks funny cute animals video youtube

Answers To How Much Food A Hamster Can Fit Inside Their Cheeks (Video)

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askreddit stories about people's worryingly smart pets

Reddit Users Reveal 'What Worryingly Smart Things Their Pets Have Done'

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human care instructions written by cat

Redditors Best Replies For 'What Human Care Instructions, Would Your Pet Leave'

So, what instructions would your pet leave for you...
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tumblr answers about science questions

15 Times The Science Side Of Tumblr Provided The Funniest Explanations

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pet stories

People Are Posting The Most Creepy Yet Intelligent Thing Their Pet Has Done

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christmas questions Cats Video - 89228545

Here Are Some Questions About Christmas Your Cat Would Like To Ask You

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questions your cat is wondering about

9 Serious Questions Your Cat Wants To Ask You Almost Every Day

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Funny mothers name one thing that their kids don't know about them, woman gives example that she loves dope.

What Don't You Know About Your Mom?

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What would we do?

caption hypothetical questions no what if - 8993891072
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Before You Enter My Hedge Maze, You Must Answer Me These Questions Three!

german shepherd maze questions - 8237882368
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I Knew it was One of the Five...

learning owls questions funny - 7759476480
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What If Cats Behaved More Like Dogs

gifs questions Cats funny - 7645701888
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Oh, Now I Understand It

dancing tigers water questions - 7004755456
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The Kind of Questions that Keep You Up at Night

philosophical bears laugh questions wondering funny - 7006850304
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