Oogly Boogly Googly Eyed Sea Snails

Prepare yourself for something out a little out of the ordinary. Remember Spongebob? Of course you do, you probably watched a few episodes last night curled up on the couch with your doggo. Oh wait, maybe that's just us. ANYWAY, have you ever wondered what Gary the Snail might look like in real life?? We're sure you've seen many conch shells laying around various beaches, but not many of you have actually investigated the small unusual animal that resides inside the shell.

Most people have no idea what the actual creature inside the shell looks like. We are here to shed some light on the subject! Often referred to as "sea snails" these creatures can live up to 25 years! These creatures are venomous and can sting humans, so don't get too close. Let's have a look at them from this safe distance through a computer screen.

17 images and video of sea snails | thumbnail left sea snail, thumbnail right also sea snail
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