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pictures of cats wrapped up in blankets like purritos | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten in a sock and a cat wrapped up in a blanket

Snuggling Up With A Fresh Batch Of Purritos: The 20 Cutest Wrapped Up Kitty Cats Of The Year

It's winter, gotta stay warm.
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15 purrito pictures cats wrapped in blankets | thumbnail three images side by side purrito cats wrapped in blankets

15 Purrfect Purrito Pictures: Cats Wrapped Up In Blankets Achieving Ultimate Levels Of Comfort And Coziness

Wrap 'em up
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Savannah Cat Purrs and Chirps Like a Wild Beast, Reminding the Internet That Cats Are Still Just Feral Animals Living in Our Homes

This doesn't feel legal
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tweets about spicy cats going to the vet | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Chelsea M. Cameron @chel_c_cam My friend Liz is a vet tech, and they call the cats they have to wrap up so they don't claw the vet "spicy purritos" I thought everyone needed to know 5:33 AM - May 14, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 2,317 Retweets 178 Quote Tweets 27K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Stories Of 'Spicy Cats' Losing Their Minds At The Vet

Extra spicy.
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tumblr thread about animals getting wrapped up in blankets | thumbnail includes a picture of a lizard wrapped up in a blanket and one tumblr post 'Font - vet-and-wild Follow The best restraint tool in vet med is a towel, hands down. Do you know how many things I've restrained with a towel? Angry cat? Burrito it. Scared bunny? Burrito it. Tiny squish faced dog that you cant get a muzzle on? Burrito it. Screaming macaw? Burrito it. Injured wildlife? Burrito it. I burritoed an'

Tumblr Thread: Burrito-ing Animals Is Always The Right Way To Go

Sometimes, taco-ing works as well.
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pictures of cats snuggled up in blankets | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat wrapped up in a blanket making a funny face 'My mom's kitten Loki needed his nails trimmed so I purritoed him but couldn't resist smooshing his adorable little face u/f4eble'

Snuggly And Warm Kitty Cat Purritos Wrapped Up To Purrfection

Wrapped up to perfection <3
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pictures of cats wrapped up in blankets thumbnail includes a picture of a kitten wrapped up in a pink blanket and held in someone's hand with the caption 'Little purrito had her first bath u/Lazy_Cana'

Snuggly Purritos Fresh Out Of The Oven

it's snuggle time!!
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pictures of cats snuggling in blankets thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a kitten wrapped up in a blue blanket and another of a cat held up in someone's hands and wrapped up in a brown blanket

Wrapped Up To Purrfection: Purrito Cats

Time to get snuggly with some kitties
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series of photos of tiny black kitten being swaddled in purrito - thumbnail of kitten with tiny murder mittens | My wife took these photos of our new kitten the other day

Tiny Kitten Photoshoot Is The Sweetest

Definition of cuteness overload
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aww so cute kitten purrito - 9249217536
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aww cute purrito cute photos Cats - 6605317

Enjoy a Great Morning With These Adorable Breakfast Purritos

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a cute list of animals wrapped in blankets

The Purrfect Purritos To Brighten Up Your Day

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how can you wrap your cat like a burrito

How To Make a Purrito (Photo Tutorial)

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The Only Thing Better Than a Burrito, Is a Purrito

the only thing better than a burrito is a purrito
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animated gifs attack claws coat gifs purrito sleeve - 4918998016
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cute kitten purrito towel - 3654557696
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