Purrfessional Cats With A Purrpose (16 Pics + 4 Vids)

You may not realize it, but all cats have very important and valuable jobs. Some cats have higher titles than others, but they all work equally hard at doing their absolute best. And that's what matters. 

Today, we would like to take a moment and appreciate the following hard-working members of society. We don't know where we would be with all these brave souls who are stepping up to the plate. 

If you want to enlist your cat up for a fancy role, there's a subreddit dedicated to the art of purrfessional cats called, r/catswithjobs.


cats jobs professionals cute animals wholesome lol funny cat adorable | Today Mia was a blood donor for a tiny kitten with flea anemia! As payment she got wet food, a tiny bit of ice cream, and the entire blood bank toy bin
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