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41 screenshots of twitter thread about what to say to your dog to make their day | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a puppy sticking his tongue out '40 Things You Can Say To A Dog To Make Their Day.'

40 Things To Say To Brighten Up Your Doggo's Day: A Twitter Thread

This is your reminder to brighten up your doggos day
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trailers movies purpose Video - 82324737

This Movie Trailer for "A Dog's Purpose" Will Make You Appreciate Your Furry Best Friend

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Probably Best to Get Out of His Way

angry hunched penguin purpose walking - 6507222272
See all captions Created by larscog

A Cat-Eye View of the World

bed cat comic human object objects perspective purpose view vision - 6203241216
Via Catasters

Gib meh liberty or gib meh fluff!

caption captioned cat Cats freedom kitten purpose toilet paper - 5864457984
See all captions Created by wonphatcat

Food supply sorted

apocalypse caption captioned cat food for purpose this zombie - 5864944128
Created by Fort-Goth

Even the office cats

asleep caption captioned cat Cats energy even night off Office purpose sleeping turned work - 5505456896
See all captions Created by JimPrice

Whaddaya tink?

birthday caption captioned cat for internet opinion order present purpose question tabby - 5273165568
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caption captioned cat door hello name pounce purpose today - 5026095616
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Because eberyone deserves healthy teefs...

caption captioned commercial for here ohai purpose toothbrush walrus walruses - 4877577728
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I knight thee Sir Stoopy.

caption captioned cat chain mail claws conditional explanation human protection purpose stupid works - 4677919232
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acupuncture caption captioned cat good hedgehog hedgehogs lesson purpose six sleeping - 4574220288
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I gotz a pension and ebryting

caption captioned cat cry dont everyone explaining explanation Hall of Fame job mocking purpose reassuring - 4448975360
See all captions Created by emvark