I Can Has Cheezburger?

puppy eyes

23 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Head' and 'Cat'

Master Manipulators: 23 Times Cats Gave Us The Ultimate 'Puppy Dog Eyes' That We Couldn't Resist

Motion to officially change the saying to "kitty cat eyes" - approved
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pictures of dogs and puppies doing puppy dog eyes thumbnail includes two pictures including a dog dog standing and doing puppy eyes at the camera and another of a dog sitting and doing puppy dog eyes at someone above it

Puppers Getting Away With Anything Thanks To Their Puppy Eyes

Heart-meltingly adorable dogs giving you puppy eyes
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cute dog eyes

New Study Confirms: "Puppy Eyes" Are a Result Of Evolution Aimed At Melting Human's Heart

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Raccoona Matata

baby begging Hall of Fame pun puppy eyes raccoon request Staring - 5357233408
Created by Unknown

Where's MY sweater?

puppy eyes sweater what breed - 6940136192
Created by Kay


puppy eyes begging golden lab - 6781750272
See all captions Created by ladybudders

Reader Squee: Puppy Eyes

laundry pug reader squee pets puppy eyes squee - 6772354816
Created by Holysingsbad


puppies puppy eyes golden retriever son bacon Father - 6762936576
See all captions Created by HokieGirl74

I Has A Hotdog: Puppy Eyes

car corgis cyoot puppy ob teh day puppies puppy puppy eyes squee what breed - 6353136896
Via Stupidjedi

Reader Squees: Too Cute to Care

puppies puppy puppy eyes reader squees Staring too cute trick - 5785427456
Created by Sniffles of Lichtenstein

Reader Squees: Simply Irresistible

cannot dachshund eyes irresistible puppy puppy eyes reader squees Staring - 5773214464
Created by Unknown

An Apple a Day...

apple baby dachshund day expression idiom possessive puppy puppy eyes - 5743514368
Via LLBwwb


baby irresistible pun puppy puppy eyes reader squees stare Staring - 5570203392
Created by Lisa


baby face innocent puppy puppy eyes reader squees trouble - 4639664640
Created by CreativityLost


cuddling deer doe Hall of Fame if looks could kill Interspecies Love puppy eyes Staring - 5353095680
Created by Unknown


naughty puppy puppy eyes reader squees teddy bear terror - 4877812224
Created by JJBIRD
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