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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

27 pictures of cats and their paws | Thumbnail includes two pictures of cats and their paws

Toe Beans For Jolene: 27 Tantalizing Toe Beans From Cute Cats That We're Begging Not To Take Our Man

Please don't take him just because you can
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List of funny and cute cat images | thumbnail includes two images including a cat and kitten blepping and a kitten blepping.

Beloved And Beautiful Bleps: 22 Purrfect Pics Of Ameowzingly Adorable Fur Babies Blepping Like There's No Tomorrow

Enjoy a blepthora of teeny bleps.
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twitter thread with cat puns and animal puns | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Cat Damon @CornOnTheGoblin ... [telling a joke to a classroom] what does a cowboy cat say? kindergartener: kitty up [about to say meowdy] meo- what the f ck did you just say 5:01 AM - Aug 11, 2022 - Twitter for Android 11.4K Retweets 126 Quote Tweets 112.8K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Kindergartener Outwits Teacher With Purrfect Cat Pun Plus Other Animal Puns

Rightfully stumped.
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Log in first.

i overheard human say if you want to buy nip on the interwebz you has to log in first two cats digging in the ground around a log
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Photogenic Cheetah @suz_mm12 he said "cheeeeth" cute wild cat smiling cheese pun
Via @suz_mm12

good buoy

Why do dogs float in water? Because they're good buoys. funny pun with picture of dog on its back in water
Via @RespectfulMemes


I see the problem. Your guitar is out of tuna. cute little kitten poking its head out from a guitar funny pun out of tune
Via @WholesomeMeme
otters memes funny cute aww animals baby animals adorable humor meme sea mammals | had up here with otter nonsense ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM | show someone something really proud and they say "cool" and change subject

Simply Awwdorable Aww-tter Memes

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It's gotta be the tun-a

I see the problem. Your guitar is out of tuna. cute cat kitten sticking its head out of a guitar pun out of tune
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a small bug

cat cheezburger speak cant work today i has a bug cute kitten with a ladybug on its head
Via reddit
star wars birds comic funny punny puns cute art comics aww may the 4th | Kylo Wren Finch TRAITOR O @pet_foolery illustration drawing of two small birds fighting with light sabers

"Pixie and Brutus" Artist Draws Punny Star Wars Comic Featuring Birds

May the 4th be with you
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Tarantino Films: the dog version

DOG TARANTINO FILMS DJANGO UNTRAINED Jackrussell brown Inglorious BASSETS reservoir dog HATEFUL CRATE death woof @deliberatelyburied
Via deliberatelyburied
punny animal comics lazy art illustration mood puns mood funny lol cute | simple drawing art minimal funny pun animal angry moody beaver lying on its belly on the ground saying dam it sounds like damn it

Punny Animal Illustrations Are Totally A Mood (25 Pics)

One word. Relatable.
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Mute Kitty

text conversation she's mute what she does not meow unmute her then she doesn't make any noise really she's sweet but mute how could you unmute her right now
Via Cats On Catnip
grumpy animal illustrations cute funny lol animals art artist instagram | drawing of a goose running: Honk Honk MOTHERCLUCKERS. two owl babies hiding behind a pissed off looking parent owl: Looking AT My LITTLE HOOTERS

Pun Station; Grumpy Animal Illustrations

Who knew grumpiness would just be our forever mood?
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Alligator- Crocodile: An Origin Story

top pic showing a cell splitting in two. bottom pic shows an alligator and a crocodile facing each other. see you later alligator. in a while crocodile. 2.4 billion years later: been a while. i missed you.
Via I waste so much time
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