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twitter thread about a goat rocking out to punk music | thumbnail includes a picture of a goat next to a musician and one tweet 'Product - Daniel Pietersen @pietersender ... Biquette the goat, sold to an abattoir after she stopped producing milk but was rescued by punks and then spent 10 years watching grindcore bands. She could come and go as she pleased and, in the words of her rescuers, "escaped death, lived punk". Absolute legend. SR 12:41 AM - Dec 22, 2021 - Twitter for'

Twitter Thread: Biquette The Goat Rocking Out With Punk Bands

“Escaped death, lived punk”
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I DID Choose The Punk Life!

punk birds mohawk - 8453440000
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Now She Wants to get Her Beak Pierced

hair punk baby animals birds chick - 8441254656
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Who Are You Laughing At?

punk - 7790359296
By Unknown

Say it to my face, punk!

beagles newfoundland punk what did you say - 6432153088
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You Wanna Get Funny With Me, Pachyderm?

bro elephant fight mad punk - 6017192448
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He's the Real 99%

misunderstood punk ugly understand - 5389826560
Via F*** Yeah, Dementia

Why dont you

boston terrier come at me bro punk puppy threat - 5311702784
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best of the week cyoot kitteh of teh day mohawk Music punk writing - 5095937792
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Do chu

Clint Eastwood dachshund funny face lucky punk teeth - 5018353664
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clothing cyoot kitteh of teh day dressed up jacket punk - 4947132672
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angry punk threats - 2877649920
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doin it rite mohawk punk whatbreed - 2548030976
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hair mohawk Music punk singing yorkshire - 2165290752
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attitude black labrador lucky punk tough - 1860802816
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chinese crested gross hair punk - 1608600320
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