I Can Has Cheezburger?


5 TikTok videos of cats sitting in police cars and being accused of crimes | Thumbnail includes three screenshots of cats in the back of police cars 'when the landlord finds out you been living with the humans If waking the humans up at 6am every morning becomes illegal If being stinky became illegal LICE LICEHGE'

Weekly Boost Of Serotonin: Criminal Cats Finally Caught For All Their Illegal Activities

Hooligans and criminals
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Woman Sparks a Debate After Dumping Water On a Kid Who Dumped Water Om Her Cat | shannon @shannoncooperox My 10 year old neighbour just threw cup water over my cat who sitting on fence minding his own business n laughed so threw basin water over him window and now his dad is at my door going mental but don't see problem, don't touch my cat 1:52 pm 20 May 2020 Twitter iPhone 79.1K Retweets 635.8K Likes >

Woman Sparks Debate After Dumping Water On Kid, Who Dumped Water On Her Cat

Heated debate on twitter
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court movies deer bambi punishment - 7369221

Deer Poacher Received An Unusual Punishment Of Having To Watch "Bambi" Monthly n Prison

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twitter pets husky pee punishment - 1284613

You're Gonna Want to Forgive This Husky for Peeing on Someone's Bed After You Find out How He Was Punished

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All Three Were in the Dog House

cute punishment - 7934898944
Created by Unknown

Tasting the Rainbow Never Goes Unpunished

crayons punishment rainbow - 7778707456
Created by Unknown

Cold Shoulders

dachshund vacation cold shoulder punishment - 6594229504
See all captions Created by NawtyKitty

I Has A Hotdog: Alleged Potato Thief

captions dog shaming potato punishment thief time out what breed - 6478656768
See all captions Created by CapMan007

I Has A Hotdog: Jus Sayin

cat couch couches fat punishment stuck what breed - 6253059584
See all captions Created by horshooer

Your kisses

best of the week cat french bulldogs friends go away Hall of Fame KISS kisses kissing kitteh love punishment - 5850131968
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acting like animals Babies baby cheetah cheetahs cub cubs mother pouncing punishment scolding sport watching - 5525066752
Created by Unknown

Stank Eye.

caption captioned cat looking pay punishment question revenge think toy yes - 5252449280
See all captions Created by jennyfourkids

Think About That Before You Poop in My Shoes Again

animals bad baths i has a hotdog punishment Sad water - 5208665600
See all captions Created by Moygo-Qu


accident acting like animals dirty fox foxes kit mess mother mud muddy punishment stuck upside down - 5224034048
Created by Unknown


bad idea cub gifs lion lioness lions punishment - 5160867584
Created by Unknown

But Dad..

children huskies husky in trouble parent punished punishment puppy steak - 5021551872
See all captions Created by Kurrar
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