I Can Has Cheezburger?


14 text based reddit images | thumbnail "haefari • 11d Riley: Border Collie Mix Yeah not every dog can handle it. It's a fun treat but only if your dog's body can handle the whipped cream 6 Reply 1 679 3 BanananaSquid · 11d Every dog is so different! I have two dogs that both can handle a ton of dairy. We jokingly call one of them a "cheese st". The only time she ever had a problem was when she nabbed a WHOLE WHEEL of brie off the coffee table at Thanksgiving"

PSA: Puppuccinos Aren't Always A Good Idea

Meh, we'll stick to bone treats
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Did you know you can feed feral cats on tortillas instead of paper plates? Raccoons and opossums clean up the tortilla so there's no trash left behind. It is so important to have a well maintained clean colony. Especially near businesses that get quite upset when paper plates and cat food cans litter their area. You want to make feeding ferals very discreet and out of the public eye.
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thumbnail includes a backdrop image of a corgi and a snippet of a post "the holidays are coming up, and as someone who works in a pet store there are some things i want everyone who plans on getting animals as gifts to remember"

Friendly Holiday Reminder That Pets Are Not Toys

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Yearly PSA

You know the drill. Cold weather is here. Knock on the hood before starting your car this morning. Spread the word. two small kittens hiding in a car engine
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jenny jinya's newest comic about the neglect of a parakeet - thumbnail of mama bird with babies | just little budgie hatchling.our mother taught us Song @lennyiny And went like this

Jenny Jinya's Comic About A Parakeet Is A Real Tearjerker

Ow, our hearts
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psa cats lilies poisonous pets animals plants dangerous important scary flowers | Lindsey Warnock May 31 at 10:06 PM On Thursday Willow played with lilies my office. She didn't eat anything. She only batted at them and got pollen all over her before shooed her away laughed initially but thank God something my head told google read All parts lily including stem, leaves, petals, stamens and pollen are poisonous cats. Even minor exposures (cat chewing on leaf or getting pollen on his or her haircoa

Cat Owner Writes PSA About The Dangers Of Lilies

Research before bringing a plant home
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if you are currently raising a puppy absolutely make sure that he is spending a little time away from you every day taking a nap in a different room if he gets used to you being around 24 7 for weeks or months and then things go back to normal
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cats comic artist instagram space important lessons kindness love cat comics | KITTY on heck @WHATSUPBEANIE ROSA illustration of a child opening a door and surprising a cat while its eating

Artist Accurately Portrays Importance Of Giving Cats Their Space

Purrfectly done!
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kids animals tumblr respect thread important psa teach dogs | tumblr post even the sweetest animals bite even the most patient hit their limit and most of the time it's the human's fault. and all of the time the animals pay the consequences teach kids to respect animals photo of a small child jumping on top of a large dog

Important Tumblr Thread On Kids Respecting Animals

Why kids need to be taught to respect animals
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essential oils are toxic to cats i didn't know this and got a diffuser for my apartment this was the result i came home to my kitten being limp and barely breathing big thanks to terra nova vet's dr. chaudry who saved my baby's life do not use essential oils in your home if you have cats
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psa reminder cold weather Cats - 9370057728
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dogs blue green algae toxic

PSA: Warning Toxic Blue-Green Algae Showing Up In Lakes Across The US

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salt lamp dangerous cats

Owner Of Cat Who Nearly Died Due To Salt Poisoning Is Warning Others About The Dangers Of Salt Lamps!

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Just A Reminder!

psa funny animals - 9243755520
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tips thanksgiving psa safety tips - 7197957

6 Pet Safety Tips This Thanksgiving Weekend To Keep Your Loved Ones Safe And Healthy

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christmas pets psa Video - 84406273

An Important Message for Anyone Who May Have Given or Received a Pet for Christmas

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