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Professional At Work

22 Pawsome Feline Purrfeshionals To Bring a Daily Grind Smile To Your Face

22 Pawsome Feline Purrfeshionals To Bring a Daily Grind Smile to Your Face

They sure know what they're doing
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20 wholesome cat memes | Thumbnail includes a collage of four pictures of cats holding their owners' hands and a picture of an orange cat standing on the edge of a bed 'but the cat believes in you afrah @goldenberryx he's having a main character moment'

20 Wholesome Cat Memes For The Homebody Cat Lovers Who Wish They Were At Home With Their Cats Right Now

a.k.a. everyone
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21 images of cats pretending to work jobs | thumbnail includes two images the left image shows a cat with reading glasses looking at a computer keyboard the right image shows a cat atop a ladder looking away.

Time For Your Pawformance Review: 21 Pics Of Pawfessional Felines Working Their 9 To 5

“Alan, I can type 100 words a minute…with my paw, what's your excuse?”
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28 pictures and videos of cats with computers, keyboards, and laying around in their humans' work offices | Thumbnail includes a picture of a fluffy tortie kitten laying on a macbook and a picture of a black cat spreading its legs and paws across a white table with office supplies on it 'Helpful cats around the office'

Weekly Boost Of Serotonin: Bring Your Fluffy Cat To Work Day

Working hard or hardly working?
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collection of pictures of cats doing funny jobs | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat balanced between the back of a chair and someone's back 'Ergonomic back rest u/AdamWestsButtDouble' and a cat standing on its back legs 'Zumba instructor u/AdamWestsButtDouble'

Purrfessional Cats Working Hard And Hardly Working

Another hard day's work.
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collection of photos of dogs who work as service animals, police dogs, or any other profession | thumbnail includes tweet saying ' So in my roommates lab, one of her classmates has a service dog and apparently service dogs also have to wear lab gear &... Y'all.. just look how cute this is' and two photos of dogs, one in a labcoat and goggles, another pulling a sled

Puppers Workin' Heckin' Hard: Photo Album Of Dogs At Work

Consider this post your daily reminder that dogs are perfect and we really don't deserve them. Especially service dogs, who work tirelessly to ensure that the humans they protect stay safe. We've talked about service dogs before, from a cute service dog duo , to some silly service dog memes , to an important rant about why service dogs are so important . Suffice to say that we love service dogs, and we want everyone to learn more about the importance of them and the work they do. What we have b…
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cats disrupting their owners who are trying to use zoom or work from home | Thumbnail includes a picture of a cat on a keyboard and an old man with the caption 'When I'm on a zoom meeting and I hear someone's cat meow' 'Show me the baby!'

Purrfect Cats Taking Over Their Humans' Zoom Calls

This fall, many people are headed back to school (and work) via Zoom. Working from home can definitely be a struggle, but there is one group that is loving it: the cats. Across the world, kitties are realizing that video conferencing is very cat-friendly , not to mention a priceless opportunity for cats to ‘help’ their humans to get their work done. Does your human need to finish an essay? Sounds like a great time to sit on their keyboard! Does your human need to join a zoom? Why not jump into …
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posts about dogs who have jobs | thumbnail includes a picture of a black dog wearing a vest in a toy store 'This is my seizure alert dog Ivor, he was a rescue with a cleft palate and started alerting naturally. He has finished PA training and is ready to come to uni with me in September u/beekepper1'

Pawfessional Doggos Gettin' The Love They Deserve

Saying thanks to these hard workers <3
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