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reddit thread about a program where prisoners can adopt cats | thumbnail includes two pictures including a prisoner holding a cat and a cat on someone's lap 'Prisoners allowed to adopt cats: The idea behind this initiative is to take animals from a cat shelter and place them in the correctional facility so inmates could take care of them. The program quickly proved to be beneficial for both the adorable cats and inmates.'

There's A Program In Prisons That Allows Prisoners To Adopt Cats, And The Results Of It Are So Wholesome (Viral Reddit Thread)

A win for everyone involved
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13 images of inmates with cats | thumbnail left inmate with cat, thumbnail right inmate with cat with text foreground

Behind Prison Walls Cats And Inmates Rehabilitate Each Other

Today we'd like to shine a spotlight on a very special program based at the Pendleton Correctional Facility of Indiana in which inmates are able to care for cats and receive all the therapeutic goodness that goes along with it. "Cats can't judge men on their wrongdoings. They cannot gauge the gravity of crime, and cannot judge the ink on people's skin. Cats are unable to distinguish between street clothes and prison uniforms –– and that's exactly what makes the relationship between the men at P…
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hamster goes through intricate maze - thumbnail of hamster stuck in a prison cell with a tiny toilet, bed, and sink

Hamster Escapes From Intricate Maze (Video)

This. is. AWESOME.
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My Conscience is Clean

jail murder prison sorry - 6390383616

Or Maybe In The Senate

Cats prison North Korea - 8405186304
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I Want to Close My Eyes but I Just Can't...

Cats shock funny prison - 7957515008

Not Exactly Tight Security

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jail prison escape sleep nap Cats captions - 6685088256
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Dog Resists Arrest

gifs prison - 6652368128

Juvinile Dilinkits

itty bitty kitty committee itty bitty Cats captions hamper prison - 6646649856
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Repeat offender

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I was thinking pizza

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It's a Vicious Cycle

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Lolcats: Dis iz violashun

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Animal Gifs: Jailbreak

break chihuahua escape FAIL gifs jail prison - 6205761280

Even Perry Mason couldn't have won THIS one.

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