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Painted Bunting Birds In All Their Primary Colored Glory

Calling all bird lovers! And even if you aren't a bird lover, we're sure you can appreciate this little beauty! The Painted Bunting, a colorful bird whose feathers feature all the primary colors, is said to be America's most beautiful bird. And after seeing all the striking images of the painted bunting, it's not difficult to see why. As someone who has lived in America for a loooong time, I can personally say I have never come across a painted bunting and now it's on my bucket list for sure. 

Who wouldn't want to be graced by the presence of America's most beautiful bird, after all? This little fella is a rainbow in one, A little fun fact about painted bunting, perhaps we did come across this bird before and didn't realize it because the bright plumage of this bird (male) only comes in the second year of its life. Within its first year, it looks just like a female painting bunting, A female painting bunting is a uniform bright yellow-green.

america's most beautiful bird - thumbnail of painted buntings
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