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birds kisses pretty colors Video - 87538433

Beautiful Bird Loves To Give Kisses

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a cute photo of a puppy and an older photo of that same dog - list of aging dogs

Stunning Portraits Of Aging Dogs Will Melt Your Heart

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a photo of a tattoo artist work of cats - cover for a list of artwork

Animal Tattoo Artist Creates Beautiful Artwork

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a very cute pixel tattoo of a dog wearing a crown - cover for a list for a list of tattoos of animals in pixel work

Amazing Pixel Animal Tattoos By Lesha Lauz

A Moscow- based tattoo artist known as Lesha Lauz (or Alexey ) has some eye-catching tattoos that are bursting with not only color, but have the amazing "glitchy" effect. As in pixel art. Here are some of his amazing tattoos with a small twist... they are animals!
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a picture of an adorable small baby rabbit in the hands of a person - cover phto for a list on facts and the first days of a rabbits life

These Amazing Photos Capture The First 30 Days Of A Rabbit's Life With Some Fun Facts

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