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25 pictures of cats and one picture of text | Thumbnail includes two pictures of cats

A Purrfectly Playful Prescription of 26 Funny and Cute Cat Photos To Pawsitively Pummel Your Stress Levels

Tranquil, therapeutic, and terrifically silly
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40 cat memes | Thumbnail includes one tweet including 'skeletim @skele_tim CAT VAMPIRE: let me in! ME: ok CAT VAMPIRE: you fool! now I will suck your bl- ME: *closes door* CAT VAMPIRE: ... CAT VAMPIRE: let me out RETWEETS LIKES 1,443 1,695 5:24 PM-23 Feb 2016' and one meme of a cat in pajamas holding a box of Oreos including 'by Kinyworks IF BEING IN MY PAJAMAS BY 7pm IS WRONG OREO Origin THENI DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT'

Purrscription for Laughter: 40 Cat Memes to Cure Those Wednesday Woes

Take 40 cat memes daily, repeat until symptoms are gone
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Ask Your Doctor if Cats Are Right for You

ask your doctor if cats are right for you
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Well That's No Fun

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