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12 images of cats doing yoga, some images with human beside cat | thumbnail left human and cat doing same yoga pose, thumbnail right orange cat doing yoga on flower patterned yoga mat

Yoga Cats Show Off Their Flexibility And Skill

Hello and namaste! Today we've entered our yoga dens to challenge ourselves, physically, mentally, and there might be a sweet surprise. Hint, it involves cats. Yoga beginners often struggle with the difficult movements and level of flexibility required for the specific pose, but cats on the other hand, well they are significantly more flexible than us and natural born yogis! Whether a pawesome owner/cat yoga session is your thing, or you just like to stand on the side and watch your cat perform…
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sass sassy cats funny adorable cute kittens kitty cat aww pics posing pose funny cat stretching its leggies out chilling relaxing in a person's arms

Sassy Yet Classy Cats

18 sassy cats
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squirrel superhero landing photoshop

Squirrels Sticking A Superhero Landing Gets The Photoshop Battle Treatment

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selfie animals cute

Me, Myself & My Selfie; 21 Purr-fect Pet Selfies

Perfectly timed pet selfies
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cat pulls his tongoue

Meet The Cat Who Loves To Stick Out Its Tongue In Front Of The Camera

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monkeys making funny faces

20 Monkeys Pose For The Camera In Hilarious Set Of Snaps

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Who's Your Best Friend?

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christmas pose pets Video - 84064257

Family of Pets Takes Awhile to Pose for Their Christmas Card Photo

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being gwonded . . . sux

couch grounded mixed breed pose - 3279986432
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posed during cuddles

pose cuddle Cats - 8966571008
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Peanut posing for the camera, trying to look majestic!

pose Cats - 8965881344
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Werk It

pose Cats - 8821558016
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Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

draw me like one of your french girls
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Your Camera Roll vs What You Actually Post

your camera roll vs what you actually post
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She wanted to make sure I got her good side.

pose Cats - 8822004224
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She knows how to pose

pose Cats - 8820755200
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