Polydactyl: Cats With Extra Toe Beans To Worship

By now, we all know what toe beans are and just how heckin' important they've become in the cat-loving community. Toe beans, are the squishy pads underneath a cat's paw. They are called "beans" in its resemblance to jelly beans, and just like jelly beans, they can come in a variety of neutral colors. 

In other words, they're amazing and we love them. However, we haven't had a moment to take our love for the toe beans further and appreciate those with extra toe beans. Thanks to our wonderful ICH user, Lindsay Jones, for bringing this important matter to our attention. 

Extra toe beans just mean there's more to love, more to worship, and more to obsess over! The correct term for this is called 'polydactyl,' polydactyl simply means that a cat is born with more numbers of toes than the usual numbers. 

Here is a wonderful gathering of cats with extra peets. Whether it is a cat with a total of 26 toes or a cat with thumbs, we want to dedicate this list to all the extra toe bean beauties out there!

Fun fact: Did you know that cats with multiple toes were considered good luck by sailors? Due to their extra toes, they had superior balance which provided them with an advantage in hunting mice on ships, out in the sea. Pretty cool!

If you've got a polydactyl cat, share a picture with us in the comments below! 

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My little polydactyl girl, Edie, being her adorable self and waving for the camera. Or maybe she was trying to bap me? People can follow her in all her kitty cuteness on twitter (@edievoncheese).