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Police. Cops. Popo. 5-O. Whatever officer might be looking for, you'll find all that here and more. These coppers will charge you up like a battery, so get a shock to your system with witty police humor.

viral twitter thread and video about a couple accusing someone of harboring their cat | thumbnail includes two images of a man and a woman screaming and one tweet 'Organism - philip lewis @Phil_Lewis_ this video has everything-drama, comedy, great lines: "cat pervert," "you're harboring my cat" 10/10 Detect Clips @detectclips · Jul 12 Couple Upset That Their Cat Likes The Neighbors 1:36 3:55 AM. Jul 13, 2023 27.7M Views 15.3K Retweets 757 Quotes 142.7K Likes 22.7K Bookmarks'

'She's A Cat, She Doesn't Speak English': Couple Accuses Man Of Holding Their Cat Hostage In Hilarious Viral Video, Sparks Debate On Twitter

'You're harboring our cat'
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Nosy Cat Watches Her Owner Get Arrested From the Window and Presumably Enjoys Every Second

He is NOT proud.
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13 screenshots from a twitter thread about police and dogs | Thumbnail includes a red background with dogs in the parliament and a screenshot from twitter 'Cop hanging out in the parking lot asked my dog if he's a good boy and I said don't answer that baby, we'll get you a lawyer. The cop doesn't think l'm funny but his girlfriend(?) wife(?) does and I think Woody learned a valuable lesson'

People Don't Want The Police Petting Their Pets: A Twitter Thread

Just some petting debates
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video of dog being rescued from burning car by police | thumbnail dog being rescued from smokey car

Dog Rescued From Burning Car Thanks Cop With Kisses (Video)

Thank you kisses
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video of police dog that doubles as soccer goalie | thumbnail left image of dog with police jacket, thumbnail right dog in goalie net soccer

Talented Police Dog Doubles As Soccer Goalie In Free Time (Video)

Impressive doggo
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viral twitter thread about police chasing a runaway pig | thumbnail includes two pictures of police officers attempting to catch a pig and one tweet 'Shoe - Corina Newsome, M.Sc. @hood_naturalist So this pig got out and had everybody ankles cracked. I'm screaming. (Photos by Tony Giberson) 7:18 PM - Nov 5, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 4,553 Retweets 1,397 Quote Tweets 36.4K Likes'

Police Goes On Hour-Long Chase After Runaway Pig And Twitter Gets To Meme-ing

The funniest pictures we've seen in a while.
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16 images of animals with police | thumbnail left police chasing tortoise, thumbnail right duck riding in back of police car

Law Breaking Animals Apprehended By Police: Series So Funny It Should Be Illegal

We all know that animals can be troublemakers, they have minds of their own and they march to the beats of their own drums! We would not have it any other way. Sometimes, though, their shenanigans can get a little out of hand. Only rarely, do these shenanigans get SO out of hand that the police have to come and apprehend our beloved criminals . What's the world coming to?! Just kidding! (Mostly.) We usually don't need to involve the law when dealing with our little troublemakers, but it doesn't…
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12 images of tortoises | thumbnail left police lifting tortoise into car, thumbnail right police lifting tortoise off ground

Giant Tortoise Apprehended By Local Police

Tortoise On The Run Does Not Make It Far Before Apprehension
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story about a dog falling through thin ice and getting rescued thumbnail includes two pictures including a police officer in a frozen river rescuing a dog and the police officer next to a dog that's wrapped up in a blanket

Dog That Fell Through Thin Ice Gets Rescued

Came to rescue him in the nick of time.
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story about a horse who got stuck up to its neck in frozen mud and was rescued and is expected to recover thumbnail includes two pictures including a horse stuck in frozen muddy water and another of a horse lifted up using straps around its bpdy

Horse Rescued From Icy Mud Hole, Recovering Well

almost froze to death but is doing much better now
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collection of stories about people heroically saving animals thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a large officer with a tiny kitten on its shoulder and another of firefighters smiling at the camera and a deer in a blanket

Heroes Of The Month: Celebrating Rescued Animals And Their Rescuers (October 2020)

It's time to show some love to this month's animal heroes!
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tiger tigers cub cute wholesome aww adorable police rescued pics pictures saved

Tiger Cub Smuggled Three Years Ago Is Now Living Happily In Its Forever Home

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Herd Of Goats Were Having a Midnight Feast In an Empty UK Pub During Lockdown | tweet by Andrew Stuart @AndrewStuart They weren’t moving from their midnight feast. And they were probably going to run riot on the town, what with nobody being about due to the lockdown. I also wasn’t sure if they were keeping the required 2m apart.

Funny Thread About Herd Of Goats Having a Midnight Feast In an Empty UK Pub During Lockdown

Goats in a pub
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Police officers rescuing animals | police officer standing on the road beside a stopped cop car | This cop stops traffic so he can pick up turtle and put him safe place on other side road

Kind-Hearted Police Officers Who Sworn Duty To Protect Animals

Police officers rescuing animals
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cats working as police officers

Cats That Are Keeping Our Streets Safe As Brave Police Crime Fighters

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police rescue cats minivan

Police Rescue 30 Cats From Parked Minivan Sitting In The Hot Sun

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