I Can Has Cheezburger?


12 cat tweets about pointing at cats | thumbnail includes a photo of two cats and the text 'If you point at your cat they don't know what to do'

Cute Cat Sees A Finger Pointed At Them: A Twitter Thread

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Observant Cat

gifs Cats pointing funny - 7601313280
By Unknown

Don't Forget the Cocktail Sauce!

complaining shrimp otters ice pointing - 7124681216
See all captions By purrzah

Red is Not My Color

anteater hoodie pointing red sweatshirt you - 6545767936
See all captions By NawtyKitty

If It's an Endurance Sport

loud mouth pointing sport talking - 6487223552
See all captions By Nightowl79

When He Wakes Up, You'll be Sorry

cat mouse pointing threat - 6437617920
See all captions By Unknown

Cyoot Kittehs of teh Day: He Did It!

blame Cats cyoot kitteh of teh day kitten pointing siamese two cats wrestling - 6459909120
Via F*** Yeah Kitties

Didn't Look Like He Needed It

monkey pointing stealing - 5907002880
See all captions By codestick2015

Lolcats: I Feel So Special!

best of the week cat Cats choose decision Hall of Fame human paws pointing tabby you - 5995093760
See all captions By voissurtonchemain

I will take this one

call caption captioned cat chick choice George kitten pointing this - 5826020096
See all captions By silentdiabla13

Can't ALWAYS be Superman.

actually bird caption captioned cat disappointing fly kitten plane pointing superman - 5737860096
See all captions By betskand

Hypnotoad Is Pissed

animals caption captioned frog frogs get off my lawn grumpy old man pointing toad toads - 5574988800
See all captions By azeonthundrake


art caption captioned cat cover imitation jaws Movie nose ominous pointing reference - 5472925184
See all captions By Unknown

Yu dint child proof teh howse too well.

baby caption captioned cat child didnt house human lolwut pointing proof tabby well - 5454566656
See all captions By violetD


bunny direction ears explanation happy bunday name pointing rabbit random reader squees silly - 5338717184
By lecramstar

Horrible things

caption captioned cat come from here horrible insinuating location pointing things - 5273805824
See all captions By Desilee
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