I Can Has Cheezburger?


pictures and tweets of cats looking like they're plotting something thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten with its paws held together like it's scheming and another of a cat on a shelf looking like its plotting something against another cat below it with a caption saying 'soon...'

Cats Who Just Might Be Plotting Something (Memes)

Take over the world? Steal the human's chicken? Endless options...
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cats who are plotting something | mean looking white cat watching a man from behind. dog looking alarmed behind a black cat giving the camera an evil look.

Masters of Intimidation: Cats Who Are Definitely Plotting Something

Cats Who Are Plotting Something
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two cats behind a curtain

These Tweets Prove That Cats Are Plotting To End The Human Race

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This app will tell you if your cat is plotting to kill you

New App Will Scan Your Cat And Tell You if He’s Plotting to Kill You

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plotting kill Cats - 3246853

These Cats Are Plotting To Kill You

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The Death Stare

the death stare
Via MissTurtles

You're Just Paranoid

animals plotting caption Cats - 8768356352
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The Look That Says It All

funny animal image of cat giving death stare
Via beeka-beeka-chuu

It Could be Part of the Axis of Evil...

fish plotting puns graph - 7989110528
By Unknown

Be afraid. Be very afraid

plot face plotting evil Cats captions - 6703525376
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I Has A Hotdog: So that's why they keep dumping me...

boxer boyfriend cat Cats plotting - 6472069888
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All According to Plan

eating evil food plan plotting raccoon - 6354454016
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It's All Fun and Games Until You Forget It's There and Trip Over It on Your Way to the Bathroom

annoying Cats cone of shame keep out plotting water - 6420324608
Via Reddit

They Won't Know What Hit Them

banana mine monkey plotting sneaky stalking steal watching - 6336179712
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Animal Capshunz: He Will Have Revenge

best of the week evil fennec fox fennec foxes firefox foxes Hall of Fame knows plotting revenge - 6204622080
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It Will be Ours

consequence evil plotting raccoon smiling - 6096128768
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