I Can Has Cheezburger?


riginal I Can Has Cheezburger story about an injured kitten getting rescued | thumbnail includes two pictures of a calico kitten in a kennel

Abandoned Kitten Takes Chance At Trusting Hoomans Again And Receives Extra Love

Most abandoned cats have to act quickly to assimilate to life in the wild. While some may become very adverse to humans after neglect, others bounce right back and know when there’s a chance to be loved. In mid-October, a ten-week-old kitten wandering around an abandoned lot was discovered by a concerned citizen. Although the kitten was alone, he was very friendly and came right up to the person to get some much-needed love. For more stories from Alex Lemieux, check out Mother Cat And Her Daugh…
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28 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Cat' and 'Cat'

The Silence Before The Pounce: 28 Feline Friends with Ferocious Eyes Ready to Feast on their Food (or Your Feet)

No toes are safe
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cats | thumbnail text - cats are up no good @catsuptonogood 010 look at things differently

A Funny Collection of Cute Cats Who Are Having Way Too Much Fun Playing With Inanimate Objects

Silly cats getting themselves into all sorts of situations
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15 pictures of cats and text and 1 video of cats | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Cat', 'Cat', and 'Font - Truman Chipotle @PresidentOfFart - 20h Replying to @weirdlilguys I'm filled with both sadness for his lost legs and pride for how admirably he's coping with it 17 3 2 652 ₁18.8K'

Adopted 'T-Rex' Cat With No Arms Plays With A Kitten And Lives Her Best Life, Despite Her Disability, In Precious Cat Video (Pictures & Video)

Happiness is a state of mind
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cats and their friends having fun together | thumbnail includes two pictures including three cats tilting their heads together and two cats looking at the camera

15 Photos And Videos Of Cats And Their BFFs Having The Time Of Their Lives

Cat buddies for life!
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A Youtube video where a tiny orange and white kitten plays with two golden retrievers | Thumbnail includes a picture of two golden retrievers laying on a carpet together and a tiny orange and white kitten laying and playing in between them

Serotonin Sandwich: Tiny Kitten Plays With Two Golden Retriever Doggos And It's The Most Wholesome Thing (Video)

We've never seen anything cuter
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A Youtube video about a foster kitten that was brought into a home that already had a cat and about their journey of getting along | Thumbnail includes a big white cat raising its paw at a tiny tabby kitten

A Tiny Foster Kitten Walks Into A Home, The Resident Cat Teaches Her How To Play (Video)

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A Youtube video of 4 Pallas kittens climbing all over their mom and her being incredibly patient | Thumbnail includes a Pallas cat laying on the ground with kittens climbing all over her

Mama Pallas Cat Demonstrates Impeccable Patience As Her Kittens Jump And Climb All Over Her (Video)

"I guess this is my life now"
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viral imgur thread about the importance of playing with cats | thumbnail includes two pictures of cats looking at the camera 'Every feline, regardless of their age, should be engaged with play and other enrichment every single day... While there are many great things you can give to your cat to play with independently, there is no replacement for interactions with you, their human adrianontherocks'

Viral Thread: The Importance Of Playing With Your Cat And Some Of The Best Ways To Do So

Impurrtant to know.
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A TikTok video and 13 comments about a cat trying so hard but desperately failing to catch toys mid-air | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a Ragdoll cat trying to catch a toy mid-air 'Throwing toys to my cat who isn't very good at catching'

Cat Shows Off Pawdorable Toe Beans As He Tries So Hard But Miserably Fails To Play Catch

A++++ for effort
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1 minute video of two cats cuddling and then fighting | Thumbnail includes a photo of two cats cuddling and a photo of two cats fighting

From 0 To 100 - Cats Go From Love To Hate In Under 2 Minutes (Video)

There is a thin line between love and hate
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1 and a half minute video of kittens playing with a cardboard box | Thumbnail includes 2 orange kittens and 2 grey kittens playing with a cardboard box

Adorable Kittens Play Fight About Who Gets To Keep The Cardboard Box (Video)

It's brutal out here
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video of Pallas' cats playfighting | thumbnail includes one picture of two Pallas' cats

Suddenly-Energetic Perpetually-Grumpy Mega-Chonky Pallas' Cats Playfighting (Video)

Their relationship is actually pawdorable.
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A short video of a small retriever puppy playing with an adult retriever

Adorable Puppy Retriever Annoying Adult Retriever for One Minute Straight (Video)

Me need attention
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video of Pallas' cats playing around in snow | thumbnail includes a picture of a Pallas' cat sitting in snow

Chonky Grumpy Pallas' Cats Goofing Around In The Snow (Video)

Grumpily enjoying the snow.
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video of foxes playing around in the snow | thumbnail includes a picture of a white fox going down a slide

Awwdorable Foxes Playing Around On A Slide In The Snow (Video)

Wholesomeness overload.
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