Nailed It: Imgur User Transforms Her Pittie Into A Star

This is what the internet was made for.

You've probably seen or heard of the show 'Nailed It' somewhere, someplace. It's a show where terrible cooks gather to recreate a stunning (and usually technically difficult) dessert. They don't usually do well.

Well, this is sort of like that but way, way better and 100% cuter. 

Imgur user, angelsshadowseer, came across a popular image of a pit bulls face surrounded by party hats, thus transforming the pittie into a beautiful star! 

Luckily for all of us, angelsshadowseer also happened to came across some party hats in the cupboard and decided to make her own pit bull a star! Below is the commentary provided by the user. 

pit bull hats star pittie animals cute adorable diy | make perfect star Credit:https www.reddit.com/user/utkarsb ayan funny dog wearing five pointy part hats around its head | I had just discovered party hats in my cupboard and I have a pittie it was meant to be
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