I Can Has Cheezburger?


tweets showcasing one-eyed dogs | thumbnail includes a picture of two blind dogs next to each other and one tweet 'Dog - helen ... @helen she met another dog with one eye i'm crying 1 5:28 AM - Jun 4, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 29.8K Retweets 2,193 Quote Tweets 497.2K Likes'

Giving Some Love To Gorgeous One-Eyed Doggos (Tweets)

Beautiful pooches <3
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kitten pirate cats cute heartwarming cat kittens aww adorable animals | Sir Stuffington's foster mom had friend who spotted him on streets and snapped this photo white kitten with dark ears and tail missing one eye

Heartwarming Tale Of A Little Pirate Kitten

"If he can stay fierce, so can you!"
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Yarr I'm a Pirate, Give Meow'll Your Fish

Via GallowBoob

And I Suggest That You Dig Deep!

animals litterbox costume pirates caption Cats funny - 8580456960
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He's Just Testing it Out

cute guinea pig pirates - 8286547712
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Heave Ho, Me Hearties!

pirates Cats - 8184226048
By beernbiccies

Keeps Yur Hands Off Meh Booty!

Cats funny pirates treasure - 8179894784
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Those Dastardly Sea Dogs!

destroy funny pirates - 8019956992
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His Wrinkles Work as an Eyepatch

pirates pugs - 7976812032
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kitten pirates squee the pet collective Operation Aww - 55457025

These Kitties Want to Sail the Seven Seas, Matey!

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He Tasted Arrrright!

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pirates Cats - 7728944128

He Learned it From His Human

sailor treasure pirates Cats - 7107806464
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Reader Squee: Argh Mateys

reader squee pets pirates Cats squee - 6991014144
By Melissa

Pirate Cat: Can You Find the Buried Treasure?

litterbox litter boxes captions Memes treasure pirates Cats - 6938056704
Via Pleated Jeans

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Cats costume holidays pirates - 6596526848
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