I Can Has Cheezburger?


15 text based images wht to do with picky dog eaters | thumbnail Hey everyone, I have a 11 month old basset that is starting to show no interest in his kibble, l've tried adding water, l've tried adding pumpkin and he used to love pumpkin, l've tried adding carrots, cause he still eats those by itself. Just wondering what others are hooking up there pups with when it comes to food? Encouraging them to eat. It's only started about a week ago. He seems to eat when I add a slice of diced deli ham"

Discussion On Dealing With Picky Doggo Eaters: Tips And Tricks

Is your doggo a picky eater? Does he/she have a habit of hunger striking until they get exactly what they want? What do you even do in this situation! You don't want your doggo to go hungry, but you also don't want to give in to them and give them the idea that they can just go on a hunger strike and get whatever they want. No, no, that is not how this works buddy! Let's dive into this discussion. We came across an interesting discussion in which doggo owners came together from near and far to …
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Best Leave These Things Up To The Pros

Cats picky monkeys - 7875358976
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That is One Hygienic Raccoon

cute picky food raccoons - 7764357120
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They Are Not so Easily Deceived

fancy picky cat food funny - 7578998528
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And Boxes Are Always Just Right

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Make it Again!

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Get me Egyptian Cotton...STAT!

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Please Remove Them From My Next Meal

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Ai prefers meat.

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