I Can Has Cheezburger?


a cute photoshop battle of a man walking a doggo | thumbnail includes two photos of a man walking an animal

Cute Photoshop Battle: Man Walking His Doggo

So Cute!
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reddit photoshop challenge featuring a cat hugging a salt lamp | thumbnail includes two photos of the cat photoshopped

Epic Photoshop Battle: Cat Hugging Salt Lamp

If you're an avid user of the interwebz, you've probably seen the pondering my orb meme by now. We've shown a few different takes on pets pondering orb-like shapes, but today we have something a little bit different, an awwdorable cat hugging and/or pondering a salt lamp, depending on your point of view, and the epic photoshop transformations that go with that. We love the way that the internet can turn any sort of silly photo of an animal into the funniest original content. Some super creative…
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 funny photoshop battle with a calico cat | thumbnail includes two photoshopped calico cat

Epic Photoshop Battle: Napping Calico Cat

Calico Cuteness
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a bunch of cool photos of photoshopped otters | thumbnail includes two photoshopped otter photos

Epic Photoshop Battle: Sea Otter Holding A Fish

You otter take a look!
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photos of cats dressed like sushi

Pictures of Cats Dressed Up As Sushi

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cute pictures of dogs and cats in food

15 Adorable Photos of Cats and Dogs in Food

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birds arms funny photoshops

These 22 Birds With Arms Are Making Us Question What Birds Actually Look Like

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photoshopped animals, animal mashups, weird animals

9 Animals Photoshopped Together That Will Make Your Day Or Will At Least Confuse You Greatly

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The Life of a Rockstar: It's Cool Being This Hot

Music photoshopped Cats litter genie - 6819202560
By Unknown

Pawnee is Burning!

caption destruction fire horses parks and recreation photoshopped ponies riots - 6636429312
By Unknown

Picture Is Unrelated: They Said I Could Be Anything... So I Became Hair

Hair - 4pictureis unrelated.com
By Unknown

ROFLrazzi: Ron Swanson as a Cyoot Kitteh!

cat Cats funny mustaches parks and recreation photoshopped ron swanson shoop TV - 6577998336
Via Got Snacks on Snacks

Cat Olympics

athletes Cats multipanel olympics photoshopped sports - 6491869952
Via nlongtin

The 2012 Guinea Pig Games

athletes guinea pigs multipanel olympics photoshopped sports - 6481427968
Via The Maverick Shop

Famous 'Star Wars' Scenes Redone With Cats

best of the week Cats movies multipanel photoshopped star wars - 6434566656
Via Dog and Pony Show

Birds of a Feather Solve Crimes Together

birds captions chickens crime murder photoshopped puns roosters sherlock holmes - 6391324160
Via Daily Picks and Flicks
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