I Can Has Cheezburger?


24 pictures of people and cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Muscle' and 'Cat - KHANANDKITTENS.TUMBLR'

Welcome To Jurassic Purrrrrk: Someone With Too Much Time On Their Hands Photoshopped Cats Into Jurassic Park And It's Hysssterically Pawsome

Life finds a stray - Jeff Goldbloom, probably
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21 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Gesture' and 'Wood' and one comment including 'The first things I saw was the face but once I figured out it was two cats, I couldn't unsee it anymore no matter how hard I stared. This shop fixed that.'

Haters Will Say It's Photoshop: 21 Pictures Of Adventurous Kitties In A Battle Royal For Best Photoshop Artwork

It's basically the Hunger Games of Photoshop
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17 photoshopped pictures of angry cats with salads | thumbnail three panels side by side cats angry with salad

Photoshopped Cat Funnies: A Flurry Of Felines Who Are Not Happy To Be Presented With A Bowl Of Salad

No, thanks
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10 reddit photoshopped images cat yawning | thumbnail left cat yawning, thumbnail right cat yawning photoshopped to face of man, three men standing laughing together

Yawning Cat Image Gets Shopped To The Nines In Epic Reddit Photoshop Battle

Purrty darn cool
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13 swole cat photoshop images lucky cat | thumbnail left original swole lucky cat image, thumbnail right salt bae swole cat photoshopped image "psbattle: swole good luck cat"

Lucky Cat With Swole Arm Gets Humorously Photoshopped By Folks Of The Interwebs

Don't skip arm day
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11 images cats photoshopped cloaks | thumbnail image of lord of the ring cast with two cloaked cats photoshopped into image

Purrfect Image Of Cats Cosplaying Lord Of The Rings Gets Creatively Photoshopped

Creative, and hilarious
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12 images photshopped jumping cat | thumbnail left original image jumping cat, thumbnail right assassin cat jumping robes

Epic Photoshop Battle: Jumping Cat Reaches For The Sky Alongside Two Feline Friends

Laugh out loud
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a photoshop challenge featuring an awwdorable short kitten | thumbnail includes two photos from the battle

Epic Photoshop Battle: Spectacularly Short Kitten

So Smol!
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a cute photoshop battle of a man walking a doggo | thumbnail includes two photos of a man walking an animal

Cute Photoshop Battle: Man Walking His Doggo

So Cute!
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 funny photoshop battle with a calico cat | thumbnail includes two photoshopped lawyer cats with big ears, one is a pyramid cat, one is a Stonehenge cat

Epic Photoshop Battle: Lawyer Cat With Big Ears

Lawyer Cat With Big Ears Cuteness
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a bunch of photoshopped deer pictures | thumbnail includes two photoshopped pictures of deer

Darling Deer Looking For A Snack: Creative Remixes

Who won?
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a cute fox going for a jog and becoming part of an epic photoshop battle | thumbnail includes two fox photos

Smol Fox Goes For A Small Jog: Epic Photoshop Battle

Fox Can Has Jog?
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reddit photoshop challenge featuring a cat hugging a salt lamp | thumbnail includes two photos of the cat photoshopped

Epic Photoshop Battle: Cat Hugging Salt Lamp

If you're an avid user of the interwebz, you've probably seen the pondering my orb meme by now. We've shown a few different takes on pets pondering orb-like shapes, but today we have something a little bit different, an awwdorable cat hugging and/or pondering a salt lamp, depending on your point of view, and the epic photoshop transformations that go with that. We love the way that the internet can turn any sort of silly photo of an animal into the funniest original content. Some super creative…
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a funny reddit thread showing a photoshop battle of a frog and a hawk together | thumbnail includes two photoshopped photos of them

Epic Photoshop Battle: Hawk And Frog Running

Frogs have legs?
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funny photos of a cat and two dogs transformed | thumbnail includes two photoshopped versions of a cat hanging out with her two doggo friends

Cantankerous Compilation Of Cat Hanging Out With Doggo Friends

Just a woman and her dogs.
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 funny photoshop battle with a calico cat | thumbnail includes two photoshopped calico cat

Epic Photoshop Battle: Napping Calico Cat

Calico Cuteness
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