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tumblr posts about the stereotypes surrounding dolphins and sharks | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - O pizzaback-deactivated20201011 I hate how the stereotype is that dolphins are good and sharks are evil, when dolphins are so smart that they have the capacity for evil but sharks are simple fish who can only be true neutral, so even if a minority of dolphins are evil there are still more evil dolphins than sharks rageclit quality marine philosophy discourse'

Tumblr Posts: How Shark And Dolphin Stereotypes Are So Wrong

Sharks are actually super very nice and kind.
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cat philosophy memes

20 Deep Philosophical Thoughts By Our Cats

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comics philosophy Cats - 2027269

Cats Philosophy Explained In Funny And Unique Comics

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Modogus Tollens Argument at its Finest

animals golden retriever socks philosophy - 8448648960
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To Quote the Ancient Green Philosopher

puns philosophy turtle - 8350649856
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Irving the Philosopher

fur true story philosophy Cats - 8360733696
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The True Question of Life

Cats funny philosophy noms - 8075628032
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It's a Slippery Slope

bananas gorillas funny life philosophy - 8021404160
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Philosophical Skunk

puns philosophy stink skunk - 8006555648
By RUSirius

Wise Words

Cats black cats philosophy - 7918858240
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Remove the Blinders and See the World

philosophy horses funny yoga - 7858023424
By Unknown

Grumpy Cat's Advice of the Day

Grumpy Cat life philosophy - 7805882112
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A Life PhiSLOTHophy

philosophy sloth - 7336675584
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Chihuahua philosop-high-zing

stoned philosophy chihuahua dude what if - 6803491584
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beach philosophy what breed - 6787933952
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trees philosophy where frogs - 6773146880
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