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Peta Releases One More Provocative Tweet And People Are Asking "Please, Not Again"

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PETA Faces Backlash After Calling Out Google For Its Steve Irwin Tribute

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PETA on twitter goes a bit cringeworthy with their demands that people talk differently

PETA Released a List of Animal-Friendly Idioms To Avoid 'Speciesism' And Twitter Replies

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This Brutal Thread Explaining Why You Shouldn't Support PETA Will Leave You With Many Questions

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a photo from the game of thrones of the wolve or direwolf - cover for a story on how people should stop buying huskies

Game of Thrones Actor Discourages Fans From Buying Huskies Because Of Direwolf Resemblance

Peter Dinklage and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are calling on Game of Thrones fans not to buy huskies because they resemble the Stark clan's direwolves. Why? It seems that since the show an uproar for having resemblance of the Starks direwolves has lead fans to impulsively buying huskies, only to abandon the canine companions once the novelty wears off.
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ads animals London peta tube Subway vegan - 1317381

PETA Took Over All the Ads in a London Tube Station to Urge People to Go Vegan

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See What Jason Biggs' Hollywood Life Would Be Like if He Were an Animal

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Just Wait Until PETA Finds Out

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Ricky Gervais is a Truly Hilarious Animal Lover

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Lolcats: This is am outrage!

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Lolcats: Srsly, guys?

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Im calling

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I ate a guy in a PETA shirt yesterday. Nearly choked on the irony.

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"Off With His McHead" Caption Contest: Third Runner-Up Goes To...

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