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Pet Supply Store Has The Best Cat Employees

Village Pet Supplies and Gifts is an amazing pet store, located in northeastern Pennsylvania, who are known for their very diligent and hardworking employees. 


The store has resident cats (who are spoiled as heck), but are given job titles and they take those jobs quite seriously! 

Look at these furry employees working hard to earn that extra dough! 

Dear Village Pet Supplies and Gifts, you guys rock.

cats employees jobs funny animals cute pet store supplies aww | Village Pet Supplies and Gifts Our office manager is managing do nothing today pic of white cat with black tail lying on the back of a chair | Annie has expanded her resume include endcap design and display Use as Bottle Opener
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Hoomans. Teh guy at teh et stoor sed teh was eezy to take care ob. Dey will cleen ups aftar demselvs, he sez. Yah rite.

Ugh and dere furs awr sew gross.