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Funny Tweets About The Ridiculousness Of Pet Rent

Pet rent - one of the silliest concepts we've ever heard of. Truly, how can you charge my cat rent if she's unemployed, huh? I mean, that's why she's living with me. Realistically, had she been able to find a job, she would have moved out of my house and taken her independence to the next level a long, long time ago. 

For real though, pet rent and pet rent deposits are such a weird concept, and twitters users definitely agree with that. That's why they like joking about it, we think. Joke through the pain, friends, there is no other option.

funny tweets about pet rent thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Lena ... @banalplay Hmph. I guess I will take my money and my comically obese cats someplace else! Cats Allowed $40 Monthly Pet Rent $250 Fee • 300 lb Weight Limit • 2 Pet Limit 12:07 AM · Feb 4, 2021 · Twitter Web App 947 Retweets 65 Quote Tweets 17K Likes'
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