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12 Most Purrfect Healthy Cat Food Alternatives

There is nothing more important in the world than keeping your kitty cat healthy. You want these little furballs to reach their senior age comfortably and happily. The first step towards that is making sure to give them healthy cat food. So many kinds of cat food out there are unhealthy, and owners with the best intentions, who simply don't know any different, accidentally give their cats something that can hurt them. 

Chances are you can find this food at your local pet store, but choosing the kind of food that is best for your cat takes time. And there's no reason to waste time at the store when you can choose the food that will be best for your cat right here. 

Every one of these is a healthy food alternative for your baby, and we, the editors, are using these for our cats ourselves. All of these products are chosen by us - cat lovers who want every kitty in the world to live a long happy life. Just so you know, 'I Can Has Cheezburger' earns an affiliate commission on qualifying purchases from the products we link to. So you can make sure you cat is healthy while supporting the most cat-positive website online.

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