I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of fighting cat getting groomed | thumbnail image of cat with purple sock over neck being groomed

Mike Tyson Of Cats Gets A Thorough Wash And Blow Dry (Video)

Here to fight
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10 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "Married for two years, have been together for three. We have an almost 1y/o son together. We bought the dog together but it was entirely my ex's responsibility if that makes sense. He does all the work, we jointly paid for her."

Husband Goes MIA For 45 Days, Livid Upon Return When He Discovers Wife Has Re-homed His Dog

Ridonkulousness in a Reddit thread
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10 tweets people using their pets' products | thumbnail blue background "Dude With A Dog Named Fred @rob31857 I accidentally used my dogs shampoo this morning and now I feel like Such a Good Boy! 2:25 PM · Mar 1, 2022 · Twitter Web App 2,156 Retweets 243 Quote Tweets 39.5K Likes"

Twitter Thread: Silly Humans Accidentally Use Their Pets' Products

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a series of photos showing people telling obvious lies about their pets | thumbnail includes text saying 'My cat left a smiley face of kibble in her bowl this morning'

Blatant Liars Telling Stories About Their Pets That Clearly Never Happened

Get Real
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12 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "Fast forward to today, we take her to the vet and turns out she has a broken leg and will need surgery. I'm devastated but I'm so glad that she was able to make it through the night and we were able to get her the help that she needs. Mum turns to me and makes a joke that it looks like I'm going to be spending a lot of money of Luna."

Woman's Bird Is Injured As A Result Of Her Mom's Negligence, Mom Refuses To Foot Vet Bill

Sis, it's your fault, pay the bill
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "She has been making faces left and right about the pets, claiming she has allergies, the macaw is too loud when it talks, the dogs pitter-patter around the house is annoying, the cats sleep on her clean laundry.. I think she only likes the bunny and turtle as the snake apparently grosses her out as well."

Entitled Karen Moves In With Brother And His Wife Rent Free, Demands They Get Rid Of Pets

Karen is at it again
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 a thread about a woman who forbid her bf from bringing his dog inside her house | thumbnail includes 'AITA for telling him if he doesn't stop forcing his dog on me than his dog will not be welcome in my home?' and '26F. I will start off by saying that I am not a dog person. Or an untrained dog person, is more like it. '

Woman Forbids Boyfriend From Bringing His Dog Over

What Would You Do?
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people change lyrics of popular songs to be about their dogs, viral trend on tiktok

New Viral TikTok Trend Has Dog-Owners Sharing Silly Songs They Make Up for Their Pets

Hear some of the classic top hit songs being changed to be about a cute little pupper.
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10 tweets about animals making humans put phones away | thumbnail image of cat putting paw over woman's eyes tweet " @AnnettePursley This picture is not Photoshopped this is my cat telling me to stop tweeting 9 My dogs are passive aggressive my cat is note e"

Twitter Thread: Pets Helpfully Encouraging Their Humans To Put The Phone Down

So very helpful
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13 reddit text images surrounding discussion of leaving dog at home during work day | thumbnail blue background top left dog with bone graphic text " I am one of those "sitters" for people, and I'm honestly not needed for most of them. Dogs are completely okay with being home alone for long hours, the important thing is that they are exercised properly after, and that it's not a brand new puppy or anything; the dog"

Is It Acceptable To Leave Your Dog Home Alone During The Workday: Reddit Users Weigh In

Let's discuss shall we
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a delightful compilation of pets at the pet store told through photos | thumbnail includes an iguana and a pet turtle eating salad

How Much Is That Lizard In The Window: A Look At Life Inside A Pet Store Through Photos

Such Cuties!
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11 reddit text images, pet stories 'my roommate' | thumbnail blue background text "rabengeieradlerstein · 12 days ago My roommate is very afraid of ferns, but also fascinated by them. She sits in front of a fern, sometimes for hours, and recoils at the slightest movement it may make"

Pet Stories Humorously Altered By Referring To The Pet As 'My Roommate'

Humor for days
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a fun thread about pet names that are similar to human names | thumbnail includes text saying 'What's the most aggressively 'human name' you could give a pet'

The Most Aggressively Human Pet Names: Internet Contributes Suggestions

Ralph.Becky. Kyle.
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12 reddit text images aita telling family that they cannot rename dog | thumbnail blue background, right corner german shephard animation, text "that that dog already has a name that was given to him by his owner and they should respect that. Pluse all his legal papers are under the name Willy but I was surprised when they said they took care of that legally...like how... I told them they had no permission from to rename the dog point blank period. but they argued that willy is theirs now"

Unreasonable Man Re-Homes Dog, Flips Out When He Discovers Dog's Name Will Be Changed

Not a good look
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a cute twitter thread about doggos in snow | thumbnail includes two photos of dogs in snow and a tweet saying ' One thing we can all agree on: dogs + snow = awesome'

Dogs Frolicking in Snow: Pawdorable Twitter Thread

Ruffers Having Fun
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an awwdorable story about pj the adopted pigeon | thumbnail includes a photo of two baby pigeons, PJ and her brother

Abandoned Pigeon PJ Gets Fresh Start With Hooman (Video)

Who knew pigeons could be so loving?
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