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Animal Gifs: How Cats Look at People vs. How People Look at Cats

Cats differences excited gifs how indifferent look people perspective vs - 6189209344
Via Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy

An Oldie But a Goodie: Cats vs. Dogs

best of the week Cats food god Hall of Fame humans perspective thinking - 6049770752
Via Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

The length

best of the week dachshund Hall of Fame optimism optimistic perspective walk walking - 5871635968
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Might Make You Feel Better About Your Short-comings!

panda panda bear perspective silly upside down - 5840681216
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Dog's Life vs. Cat's Life

adventures cars differences driving goggies life perspective scared - 5747518720
Via Reddit

Well on the bright side

bright caption captioned cat curtain improvement mess perspective shower shredded side - 5734152704
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I haza hero worship

annoying brother caption captioned cat Cats difference hero i has kitten perspective siblings worship - 5654870528
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acting like animals angle cat Hall of Fame illusion perspective - 5592746240
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breeds goggies perspective wrong wtf - 5531287808
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From Upside Down

caption captioned cat kitten look looking perspective potato resemblance Staring talking upside down you - 5492593408
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acting like animals confused ground looking up observing ostrich ostriches perspective question upside down - 5329182720
Created by Unknown

I haz a chin rest.

butt caption captioned cat Cats chin i has kitten pain perspective rest - 5196492800
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Optical illushun kitteh sez...

bigger caption captioned cat Cats illusion optical illusion perspective question trick which - 5144127232
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Kitteh Komic ob teh Day: How Cats See Humans

attack comic comics food perspective scratching post - 5068379648
Via Cat Versus Human


caption captioned cat cool kitten make perspective rain sideways tilting - 4785065728
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baby biggest climbing elephant little perspective stairs stepping steps - 4758725888
Created by Unknown