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26 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Cat - SMANE RE THE ANDY THE RETURN OF J.R.R.Tolkien' and 'Hand'

26 Clingy Kitties With No Concept Of Purrsonal Space And A Tendency For Turmoil

Don't move on our account
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15 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people posted photos of their cats pressing their noses up to their phone cameras | Thumbnail includes a picture of an orange cat with a pink nose pressing its face to the camera and a picture from a lower angle of a tabby cat with a dark pink nose

Up Close And Purrsonal: A Thread For People Who Love Seeing Cats Press Their Noses Up To The Camera

A little boost of wholesomeness
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12 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people posted up close pictures of their cats sitting on their chests and staring at them | Thumbnail includes an up-close picture of a tabby cat and a picture of a cat sitting on a mans chest wearing a red shirt

Cats Park Themselves 5cm Away From Their Owners' Face To Watch Them Up Close And Purrsonal

Personal space? Never heard of her
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A YouTube video about the story of Tormund, an adopted cat that has no concept of personal space but learned to turn off his human's alarm clock | Thumbnail includes a screenshot from footage from a hidden camera of a man sleeping and a cat laying on his chest

Man Who Kept Oversleeping His Alarm Set Up A Hidden Camera To See If His Cat Had Anything To Do With It (Video)

Hm... a mystery...
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aww wholesome life adorable heartwarming struggle cute doggo lol personal space funny - 14010885

Pictures Pawfectly And Hilariously Capture Life With Dogs

No need for words smh lol
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dog hugging a distressed looking cat
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Space Oddity: Cats That Don't Know The Meaning Of Personal Space

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dogs that do not understand personal space

Funny Dogs That Do Not Know The Meaning Of Personal Space

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a cat laying down on a persons arm as they are trying to work on the computer looking up belly up too - cover for funny cat pictures that don't understand what boundaries are.

These Cats Don't Understand Personal Space

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Personal space issues IN 3...2...1...

countdown issues lolcats personal space shiba inu - 1434490624
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Go hug someone else!

cute funny otter teddy bear personal space - 8446880256
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Breath Mint?

personal space funny - 8045968896
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Gimmie Sum Space

ghosts personal space nine lives - 7153084160
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Personal Space? What's That?

friends personal space couch kittehs r owr friends Cats - 7000125696
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Get Out Of My Bubble!

dachshund drool personal space what breed - 6648244736
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cheese rat captions nom food personal space Cats - 6762449664
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