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10 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background, text " I once had a great interaction years ago with a parent and kid who had asked to pet my dog. And I told her that my dog is generally friendly but is usually kind of nervous meeting new people. And the dog didn't snip at her but started baring her teeth, and the parent used this as a moment to explain to her kid that it was a sign the dog didn't want to be pet "

A Shout-Out To Parents Who Make Their Kids Ask Permission Before Petting Dogs: Reddit Discussion

Ask before you touch
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12 dog petting permission tweets | thumbnail blue background "Dr. Raven the Science Maven is healing ... @ravenscimaven Why are people getting an attitude with me when they ask me if they can pet my dog and I say no???? People really not used to hearing "NO" 9:59 PM · Mar 12, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 643 Retweets 202 Quote Tweets 13.8K Likes"

Twitter Thread: Dog Owners Get Real About Denying Petting Permission

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Animal Capshunz: Well... Just This Once

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Dat wud be ME.

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You can come out.

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Don't worry, you aren't bothering me.

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First you must answer my riddles three

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Cold wet friend.

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i am done now

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No sharing!

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No, you may not

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