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Perfect Pair: Boy With Cleft Lip Adopts Pup With Cleft Lip

We're not crying -- you're crying! 

This is beyond heartwarming! Imagine growing up, feeling/looking different than others, and the moment you go to an adoption center to find your new best friend - they look like you. 

That's exactly what happened when sweet 2-year-old Bentley meet his new puppy. Bentley had already had surgeries for the cleft lip and it isn't even noticeable today. Yet, he came across a puppy that reminded him of himself, and they instantly fell in love with each other. 

The Jackson County Animal Shelter, Michigan, shared this beautiful moment between Bentley and his new puppy on their Facebook, which went viral and racked up 33k shares. 

We wish this perfect pair all the best and many years of love and joy ahead of them! 

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