I Can Has Cheezburger?


Watch the pencil... Poof! It's gone. Luckily you can just erase anything you don't like and mark the jokes you do. That's the beauty of a pencil.

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16 Cats That Love Pens

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Beautiful photos combining camera with pencil by artist Ben Heine - cover image of Emoji's drawn over a crowd of people.

15 Imaginative "Pencil Vs. Camera" Images That Will Add Magic To Your Day

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Make Yourself a Nautical Pencil Cup With Some Rope and Hot Glue

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This Little Elephant Sculpture is On Point (of a Pencil)

This Little Elephant Sculpture is On Point (of a Pencil)
Via Cindy Chinn

Does This Joke Have a Point?

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I Won't Need Any Help Though

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Arise, My Crustacean Brothers, and Fight!

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Goggie Gif: Artistic Corgi

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They All Go Straight to My Hips

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