I Can Has Cheezburger?


patient toys cute Video surgery - 385799

Concerned Pup Waits Patiently While Her Toy Is Repaired

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patient pets Video - 85909761

Patient Pups All Wait for Their Names to Be Called Before Climbing up the Stairs

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Dr.TinyCat is in!

patient doctor kitten great dane Cats dr tinycat - 8472477696
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patient commands Video obedient - 59840513

Alright Jumpy! Time to be Amazing!

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A Very Patient Patient

patient games Cats - 8040553472
By Unknown

Just Wait Until You're Older...Bam!

Cats cute puppies patient - 7972843776
By anselmbe

If We Leave it... He Will Come

patient ride wait drive car seat - 7039314176

Wait for It

patient wait gifs FAIL boots surprise Cats fall - 6874455040
By Unknown

payshuns n nuggets

captions Cats chicken eggs patient - 6581340672
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monorail cat

captions Cats late monorail cat patient wait - 6535087104
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Animal Gifs: Tunnel Vision

Cats gifs patient pounce stare wait - 6488057088
By Unknown

Skool bus

bored bus patient sit wait - 6168072960
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Sick of waiting

cat fish fishing patient wait - 6154096128
By basselope

But... But... I Brought Biscuits...

eyes gifs lab patient treats wait - 5943208192
By Unknown

You Wanted to See Me?

basement cat cat evil patient - 5902236416
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best of the week chocolate lab Hall of Fame hungry patient stack still - 4904461824
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