I Can Has Cheezburger?


12 screenshots of a reddit thread where someone showed a picture of the neighborhood cat waiting for kids to come back from school even though it's summer | Thumbnail includes a photo of a black and white cat sitting on the side of the road waiting 'During the school year the kids walking to the bus stop will stop to pet him, during summer there are no kids walking but he still waits'

Cat Waits For Neighborhood Kids To Come Back From School And Give Him Pets, Even In The Summer When School's Out

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5 TikTok videos about a rescued cat who was hit by a car and her journey to trusting her hoomans | Thumbnail includes a cat limping in a parking lot, a cat being fed with a spoon, and a cat licking yogurt off a hand

Woman Demonstrates Impeccable Patience As She Rescues And Rehabilitates A Cat That Was Hit By A Car

Hooman of the year
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patient toys cute Video surgery - 385799

Concerned Pup Waits Patiently While Her Toy Is Repaired

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patient pets Video - 85909761

Patient Pups All Wait for Their Names to Be Called Before Climbing up the Stairs

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Dr.TinyCat is in!

patient doctor kitten great dane Cats dr tinycat - 8472477696
See all captions Created by allcatsloved
patient commands Video obedient - 59840513

Alright Jumpy! Time to be Amazing!

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A Very Patient Patient

patient games Cats - 8040553472
Created by Unknown

Just Wait Until You're Older...Bam!

Cats cute puppies patient - 7972843776
Created by anselmbe

If We Leave it... He Will Come

patient ride wait drive car seat - 7039314176

Wait for It

patient wait gifs FAIL boots surprise Cats fall - 6874455040
Created by Unknown

payshuns n nuggets

captions Cats chicken eggs patient - 6581340672
See all captions Created by nutz4cubbies

monorail cat

captions Cats late monorail cat patient wait - 6535087104
See all captions Created by aoifekitty

Animal Gifs: Tunnel Vision

Cats gifs patient pounce stare wait - 6488057088
Created by Unknown

Skool bus

bored bus patient sit wait - 6168072960
See all captions Created by Maryh

Sick of waiting

cat fish fishing patient wait - 6154096128
Created by basselope

But... But... I Brought Biscuits...

eyes gifs lab patient treats wait - 5943208192
Created by Unknown
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