I Can Has Cheezburger?

passed out

Milk Drunk and Passed Out

milk kitten passed out - 9002703360
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I Can't Go out Tonight, I Already Have Plans

puppy passed out - 8993319936
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Spot's Bachelor Party the morning after

alcohol basset hound beer drink Party passed out - 2590634752
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The Cat Was Only Pretending to be on Nip

haircut Party passed out shaved whatbreed - 2380964096
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Now That's Loyalty

drunk passed out funny g rated - 8322324480
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Insert nom to continue...

couch tongue bulldogs passed out sleeping - 6304799232
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Your Wallet's Gone, By the Way

emus Staring drunk passed out egg jello shots fell - 6912260864
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Here, Try Another One

ostriches emus eggs passed out big jello shots - 6835346432
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Daily Squee: Reader Squee: Passed Out

cat kitten passed out pet reader squee squee toe beans tummy - 6525186560
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alcohol captions Cats comparison drink drunk lolcats passed out pass out smoke smoking steal - 6390872064
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Get the Sharpie

draw drunk face passed out prank sleep - 6207549440
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Professor Plump hall food bowl

best of the week bowl clue food Hall of Fame mystery passed out professor - 5909534720
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I Found the Off Switch!

asleep baby cat Hall of Fame kitten passed out sleeping upside down - 5770501888
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The pot luck's officially over

asleep caption captioned cat noms over passed out sign when - 5654331392
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Ralph eventually

belly up golden retreiver passed out upside down - 5646768640
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alcohol asleep drunk passed out whatbreed wine - 5620818176
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