Coyotes And Badgers: A Friendship Like No Other

It has come to the worlds attention that coyotes and badgers are often in some sort of partnership when it comes to hunting. 

It's a pretty rare phenomenon to see two different species of predators working together to get their next meal. 

According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, "Studies have shown that this unusual relationship is beneficial for both species. The coyote can chase down prey if it runs and the badger can dig after prey if it heads underground into its burrow systems."

Who knew?! Pretty amazing to see these two work together! And thanks to the Peninsula Open Space Trust, a recent video of the duo, on the hunt, has come out. 

Twitter user, Russ McSpadden, shared the video and sparked a thread about this wholesome friendship that users have come to love. 

tweets twitter coyotes badgers thread friendship partnership partners hunting together friends interesting cool animals | night vision camera coyote in a large pipe A coyote Russ McSpadden @PeccaryNotPig A coyote and a badger use a culvert as a wildlife crossing to pass under a busy California highway together. Coyotes and badgers are known to hunt together.
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