I Can Has Cheezburger?


Blind Kitty Proudly Squeaks After Successfully Giving His Mama a Little Gift

Blind Kitty Proudly Squeaks After Successfully Giving His Mama a Little Gift

Yep, right in the feels
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10 reddit text images, inlaws replace woman's dog | thumbnail blue background text "we got back we went straight to his parents house to collect our dog but I knew straight away something was wrong. The dog they had wasn't mine (looked identical but was missing identifying marks). I lost my cool and started yelling at them but they denied everything and said I was just stressed and tired. "

In-Laws Trade Son And His GF's Dog In For Better Behaved Lookalike Assuming They Wouldn't Notice, Outrage Ensues

Are you kidding me
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Subreddit rant about people being fed up with untrained dogs in public places

Unpopular Opinion Vs. Legal Issue: Should Dogs Be Allowed In Grocery Stores

Calling all dog parents for an important doggo discussion!
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10 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background, text " I once had a great interaction years ago with a parent and kid who had asked to pet my dog. And I told her that my dog is generally friendly but is usually kind of nervous meeting new people. And the dog didn't snip at her but started baring her teeth, and the parent used this as a moment to explain to her kid that it was a sign the dog didn't want to be pet "

A Shout-Out To Parents Who Make Their Kids Ask Permission Before Petting Dogs: Reddit Discussion

Ask before you touch
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memes and tweets relatable to cat owners | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Pinned Tweet Casey Grim @aCoupleofN3rds · Jan 24 Me, asleep in bed: *slightly adjusts leg* My cats: the energy became incredibly hostile here? I'm just gonna go...would rather sleep on the couch than deal with ur disrespect. 11 27 429 1.2K Show this thread'

Funny Moments Any Cat-Parent Can Understand (Memes And Tweets)

Hilariously relatable LOL
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funny tweets from pet parents about the perils of raising pets | thumbnail includes text saying 'Microdosing being a parent by taking my dog to the dog park where he pretends I do not exist the whole time & throws a fit when we leave'

Funniest Tweets From Pet Parents About The Perils Of Raising A Pet

Pawz & Take A Deep Breath
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video of magpie playing dead in front of parents | thumbnail image through fence of magpie laying down playing dead with other magpie looking at him from above nudging

Young Magpie Plays Dead To Avoid Going Home With Mum And Dad (Video)

Home? Nah
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33 images of dog parents and puppies | thumbnail left parent-pup duo with beady eyes, thumbnail right parent dog embracing puppy

Awwmazing Series Of Doggo Parents And Pups (Pictures)

Multiple Generations Of Canine Cuteness
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video of two foxes playing with a rescued fox cub | thumbnail includes two pictures of foxes with a fox cub

Foxes Playing With Extra Fluffy Newly Rescued Fox Cub (Video)

The best adoptive parents <3
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pics and tweets about cats interrupting their humans while working | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten on top of a laptop and a cat climbing onto its human while he's studying

Funny Yet Adorable Cats Interrupting Their Parents While Working

We love them anyway lol.
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tweets of cats and their kittens thumbnail includes two pictures including two cats and another of two kittens who look just like their parents 'Cat - M @xhejabi ... The parents: The babies 5:45 PM · Jan 27, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 76.3K Retweets 3.9K Quote Tweets 536.5K Likes'

Cat Parents And Their Awwdorable Kittens (Tweets)

double the cuuute
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reddit student cat parents sad upsetting happy ending animals | Posted by u/nexerxe 7 days ago 6. 2 5 had my parents watch my cat my first year college because couldn't have her my dorm. Two months bringing her up live with and they give her away without telling They've been bad before, but my heart is broken now. Here is text exchange SMS know very upset. No don't think have any idea Today 15:42 Where is my cat Where is my cat Delivered

Internet Helps Student Find Their Cat, After Parents Secretly Gave it Away

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Something To Think About

cat meme about parents vs therapists and a kitty walking on wet cement concrete
Via I waste so much time
ferret illustration parents web comics - 6540549

This Girl Illustrates Her Daily Life As a Parent Of Two Ferrets

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parents pretending their kids' toys come to life

When Parents Try To Convince Their Kids That Their Plastic Dinosaurs Figures Come To Life Sometimes

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duck comics about parenting

What's It Like Being a Parent: The Duck Version (Comics)

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