I Can Has Cheezburger?


13 tweets of people sharing their cats that look like they're wearing pants and funny replies | thumbnail includes three pictures of black and white cats who look like they have pants on 'pants pants pants!'

People Flaunt Their Funky Colored Cats That Look Like They're Wearing Clothes

Cats need pants too!
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Twitter talks about Donkey Wearing Pants

Donkey Wearing Trousers Is A Real Thing And We Have Proof

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The Internet's Greatest Mystery is Solved: This Is How Dogs Wear Pants

fail tweet dogs wear pants
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chicken pants facebook funny Video - 264711

Charlie Is a Strong, Independent Chicken and He'll Wear Pants if He Wants To

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How Embarrassing

pants caption Cats - 8798097152
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Once You Really Sink Your Teeth In Something, It's Hard To Let Go

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pants Video snake thief - 77481985

Is That A Snake In Your Pants?

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I found the answer to how dogs wear pants.

pants - 8602040320
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fashion twitter list internet pants argument - 705797

According to This Simple Hypothetical Canine-Fashion Question There are Only Two Kinds of People, Which Are You?

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Is There a Standard or Is It Just a Style Preference?

funny dogs pants Is There a Standard or Is It Just a Style Preference?
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No jacket.

pants caption - 8572452096
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They're Too Long, Even Rolled Up

animals pants captions cute - 8573505536
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Hurry Up, You Need Those To Take Me Outside

animals paws pants - 8503884288
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A Senior Moment

naked whoops pants Cats - 8473192192
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How Do I Look?

pants dictionary - 8384360704
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And It Won't be Pretty

sayings pants funny - 8120693248
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