I Can Has Cheezburger?


chicken muscle arms package funny lol cute aww animals weird muscular | hilarious pics showing a chicken receiving a package in the mail then wearing human doll hands

Chicken Gets Muscular Human Arms In Funny Package

Feathered bodybuilder status
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present socks cute package mail animals - 1603589

Consider Yourself Lucky If Anyone Ever Sends You One of These Adorable Care Packages

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Happy, happy. Joy, joy. I feel Amazon now.

Cat jumps into fresh box from Amazon and gets all the little Styrofoam peanuts stuck to his fur because of the static.
By SirNottaguy-Imadad

I Have Built-in Box Cutters

box Cats claws package - 8170187264
See all captions By Unknown

Now How Will I Get to Grandma's?

grandma package mail funny - 7521334272
See all captions By DJAussie

Sorry About the Snoopin'...

cat package mail funny - 7043167232
See all captions By Zach McLaughlin

E.T. Post Home

cat Movie package mail funny - 7000778240
See all captions By chech1965

Can't argue with that!

puppies package if i fits i sits corgi mail priority - 6852931584
See all captions By DyannLynn

I Keep Eatin' the Inventory.

cheese gophers gift package burp holiday eating lost Prairie Dogs - 6836945152
See all captions By momofzoo

Dis my favrit yoga pose

naked captions package nude harbles Cats rude yoga - 6846575360
See all captions By RUSirius

I got this...

cardboard boxes mailman package what breed mail - 6664807168
See all captions By thewordpro

It's Safe!

labrador bomb FAIL package helping - 6637780480
See all captions By mamcdaniel

Reader Squee: Special Delivery

reader squee package guinea pig mail squee - 6690546688
By claireyboo

Me > Phone

labrador destroyed package cell phone play with me - 6638935552
See all captions By HokieGirl74

Packing Peanuts

ferret rodent package squee - 6491832832
Via Bunny Food

SON OF A ......

captions Cats mail package post what breed - 6559114496
See all captions By mikenewman
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