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25 Pets Looking At Their Owners With Pure Love In Their Eyes

Happy day! Love is in the air, and we're not talking about the romantic kind! The bond between a pet owner and a pet is a very special bond indeed. This animal relies on you for everything, all of his basic necessities. You are literally responsible for an animal's life. And in exchange for all the care and love that you give, your pet gives it right back. There are moments shared between a pet owner and pet in which love is felt so very strongly! For example, when you return home after a long …
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These Cats Waiting For Their Owners To Return Prove Their True Love

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Pet Owners Are Getting Inspired By The New Disney' Lion King

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Any Dog Owner Will Read These eCards And Think "That's My Life"

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Photographer Matches Dogs And Their Owners To Show Their Amazing Resemblance

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Pet Owners Share The Weirdest Shenanigans Their Furry Friends Are Doing

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According To a New Study, Cat Owners Are More Intelligent Than Dog Owners

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video explaing why cat people are so great

12 Reasons Why Cat People Are Crazy Awesome

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Cat Owners Try Cat Food For The First Time

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Relationship Goals

photo of dog and his owner in different relationship phazes
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Cat Owners Own Nothing. Not Even Cats.

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Lolcats: She's Nawt Crayzee, She's Mai Hoomin!

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well of course

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Kittehs Provide Endless Benefits in Life!

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Dis mai chair now!

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