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A Youtube video where a cat stole his human's seat and refused to get out of it up until the human fed him | Thumbnail includes a picture of a grey tabby cat sitting on a chair and eating out of a purple plastic bowl

Kitty Cat Occupies Hooman's Seat, Refuses To Move Unless He Bribes Him With Food (Video)

She knows what she's doing
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18 screenshots about a woman who adopted a black cat and then accidentally adopted another black cat | Thumbnail includes a picture of two black cats laying on a bed 'My wife adopted one black kitten. One day, she saw a black cat near our mailbox, and threw it inside. Several days went by before we realized we now had two black cats.'

After Adopting A Black Cat, Woman Accidentally Adopts Another One, Both Cats Go Along With It

So sneaky but we're here for it
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16 screenshots from facebook of people sharing stories about their cats outsmarting them | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a facebook comment 'My cat would inflict lots of torture to get me out of bed to feed him. But i was tough. Till one day he learnt to gently pat the hanging mirror. I was afraid it would fall and smash. I'd get up and shoo him off, but he'd start it again.till i fed him. How on earth did he think of doing such a random act?'

Feline Intelligence: Stories Of Cats Outsmarting Hoomans From The ICanHas Community

Just cats conning their way through life
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